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Greetings fellow Fishing lover!

It has come to the attention of the BCL Lake & Dam Committee that an increasing number of people (members and non-member guests who are using the lake) are using non approved live bait. A number of fishing boats have been seen with minnow buckets secured to the side or stern of the boats over the past year. The use of live bait other than worms and nymphs has been forbidden on our lake now for a number of years.

The Lake and Dam Committee would like to remind all members that a lot of thought and effort (and liaison with professionals who understand the intricacies of balancing the eco system in OUR lake) goes into managing the lake for the use of boaters, swimmers and fishers alike. As you may know we fund a tri-annual assessment of the lake as an eco-system, which quantifies the number of fish in the lake by species, and size, and just as importantly the quantifies the water quality. In our attempts to keep the water clean and as weed free as possible for swimmers and boaters, we have out of necessity, compromised the natural fish habitat. In addition, it is hugely important that we do not introduce any unwanted species of fish into our lake eco system. We therefore have over the years restricted the harvest from the lake to four fish total daily. We have restricted the fishing methods to lures, plastic worms and plastic “creatures” only, plus live worms and nymphs and of course fly fishing. ANY OTHER LIVE BAIT IS PROHIBITED. Historically, we have been successful in keeping a very healthy fish population for those who like to fish and very clean water for those who use the lake for other water recreation. So with your help, we can keep it that way.

Please ensure that you adhere to the fishing rules. Once again, you are allowed to cull (harvest) only four fish per day and that is inclusive of any bait fish you might catch.

In addition if you lease or rent your property and allow your visitors to use your boat or kayak for fishing, please ensure they are aware of the requirement.

And finally, please make sure all of your fishing vessels and trailers are appropriately tagged in accordance with BCL and State requirements and also observe PA Fish & Boat Commission rules & regulations regarding Fishing and Boating.

Thank you.

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