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Water Aerobics and Lap Swim Schedule

In response to the recently reported complaints concerning the pool time slots allocated to the special activities of water aerobics and lap swim, please note the following:

Pool managements’ goal is to provide as much “open swim” time as possible for all community members. In fact, maximum swim time for all is the basis for the elimination of “Adult Swim” hours several years ago, as a response to a concern of discrimination.

Water aerobics and lap swim, while desirable activities, detract from our ability to achieve that open use goal while being sensitive to budget constraints. Maintaining a 10:00 time slot for these two activities and holding the current daily total of pool hours is a necessary cost control feature of the program. This is particularly important when we consider the additional cost associated with COVID-19 protection measures.

The pool cannot be properly managed by attempting to respond to an abnormally low morning temperature on a day by day basis. Routinely, the morning warming trend appears to be roughly 2 Fahrenheit degrees between the hours of 10:00 and 11:00 am (based on previous experience and ongoing web searches for near term forecasts).

A possible aid to those experiencing discomfort, but determined to participate, would be the use of a neoprene swim top such as those worn by surfers and divers.

Finally, for any member who takes exception to the above comments, please leave your comments and contact information at the office and I will respond. Our pool consultant and our hired lifeguards deserve our support and appreciation, not verbal abuse.

Ken Levitz

President, BCLCA


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