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Are some of your plants or trees dying?  Penn State may be able to help.  Read this article for details.

Prevent electric shock --  The article linked below has important information for lake-front members

Mosquito Mitigation

Given the presence of both West Nile and Zika Virus strains now in North America, let’s consider the following EPA provided suggestions:

Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards in the community are for our members and businesses that have paid to advertise in our newsletter.  Dated material should be removed by the person posting the material.

Bulletin board postings without "BCL Resident" or "Paid Adverstiser" shall be removed.

Is it time to test your well water?  

Ken Levitz has provided information on this downloadable document.

Stewart Hall


Stewart Hall may be rented by members for private functions, for $50 (plus a refundable security deposit of $100).


Check the Calendar for availability. You should also read "Stewart Hall Rental Procedures" and fill out the "Stewart Hall Rental Agreement", both available on the Documents and Forms page.



(The rental fee is waived for non-provate functions that are open to all BCL residents and do not collect a fee or donation)

Homemade weed killer

Many of us wish to kill the weeds that grow in our gravel driveway, yet don't want to risk polluting our wells or the lake with commercially available chemical weed killers.

If you search the internet for homemade weed killers, you will find many variations of this simple recipe:

1 gallon vinegar

1 cup salt

1 T dish detergent

Mix all ingredients and spray on the offending plants.  Be careful -- this spray is non-selective and will kill any treated vegetation.

For an explanation of how this formula works, click here.