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Security/Crime Watch

Tri-State Security Solutions Inc
(570) 325 - 9322

If you have any security issues, please call Tri-State.  It is a 24 hour service however it depends when Security is on duty. If necessary, the state police should be called at appropriate times.  Do not call the BCLCA office.
Bear Creek Lakes Community Crime Watch
The BCL Community Crime watch is a group of residents who volunteer to keep a watchful eye on the community.  If you would like to join us, please contact the BCLCA office, or attend one of our meetings (meeting times are posted on the Calendar of Events)




To appeal a BCL Citation, the member must complete a citation appeal form and either mail, fax, or email the form to the BCL office.


As of January 2016, residents who receive a parking citation for not having a visible BCL sticker or placard may be forgiven the fine if they report to the office within 30 days of the citation and show that they have affixed the BCL vehicle registration sticker to the vehicle.  If that is done, the fine will be waived and only the $15.00 processing fee will be due.

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