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PRESIDENT’S CORNER- February 7, 2023

Kevin G. McGrath


It is with gratitude and regret that I announce Barbara Skiffington’s resignation from the BCLCA Board of Directors. Barb has decided to devote more time to her grandchildren and hobbies and she is also dealing with some health challenges.

Barbara has been a wonderful asset to the operation of BCLCA.  Barb started working in the office, was instrumental in getting our finances set up on Quick Books and then moved into the position of office manager where she did a great job of running the BCL office.  After leaving that position, I convinced her to run for the board and to become our Treasurer.  Barb did a great job as Treasurer, improving many of our procedures and operations.  Barb also handled BCL communications, creating the website, Facebook page and managing the email communications.

I will miss her counsel and all the hard work that she has done on behalf of our association.  Please join me in wishing Barb and Bob all the best!

This resignation creates a vacancy on the board. We will act to appoint a new board member at one of our upcoming meetings, in accordance with our Bylaws.

Any interested member in good standing may express their interest in serving by completing the candidate data sheet, found on the BCL website and sending it to the office for the board’s consideration.  I do not know if we will fill this opening at the February meeting, but I suggest sending your information ASAP if you are interested.  FYI we are not required to consider former candidates, so if you are interested please submit a new form.

January 15, 2022

Notice from BCLA board of Directors/Lake and Dam Committee:

Effective January 15,2022- until further notice- The decision has been made to post a "Catch and Release" only for ALL Largemouth Bass and Walleye in Bear Creek Lakes pending our next fish assessment which will take place in late Fall Season of 2022. Currently there's a considerable amount of concern that the overall population of these 2 specific species ( Largemouth Bass/ Walleye) have been depleted , so we need to control and at a minimum "maintain" all that possibly remains in the Lake until the new survey is completed next fall. 

  We want to thank everyone in advance for their cooperation and hope that our membership will help us in supporting and enforcing this new measure through the 2022 fishing season.




  1.  Short-Term Rental LICENSE … this License comes from Penn Forest Township (PFT) and must be renewed YEARLY. The link for your initial/renewal PFT STR License can be found on the PFT website … Penn Forest Township - Penn Forest Township under the “Short Term Rentals” tab

  2. Short-Term Rental ZONING PERMIT … this Permit comes from Penn Forest Township (PFT) and is only issued ONE TIME, unless changes are made to your property (i.e.  Bigger septic system added, additional rooms added, increased parking added, etc.). The link for your initial  PFT STR Zoning Permit can be found on the PFT website … Penn Forest Township - Penn Forest Township under the “Short Term Rental” tab

When you apply to Penn Forest Township to use your property as a Short-Term Rental – you are provided with the TWO separate documents listed above.Each of these documents have an identification number on them, for tracking purposes.The identification number on both documents is NOT THE SAME.

  1. BCLCA Short-Term Rental REGISTRATION … this Registration is from Bear Creek Lakes Civic Association (BCLCA) and must be renewed YEARLY. The link for the BCLCA Registration form can be found on our BCLCA website … (under “Association Info” “Forms and Permits”.  This registration must be renewed YEARLY.

  2. BCLCA Short-Term Rental PERMIT … this Permit is from Bear Creek Lakes Civic Association (BCLCA) and is sent out YEARLY.  This Permit comes from BCLCA, after all of the above documents have been provided to BCLCA.

When you initially apply to BCLCA to use your property as a Short-Term Rental, you must provide BCLCA with BOTH Penn Forest Township STR Documents:

  • The PFT STR Zoning Permit includes information on how many bedrooms your property contains; also how many guests and how many vehicles are allowed on your rental property.  BCLCA Security uses this document to make sure you are adhering to the Township dictated guest/vehicle limits.  This document only needs to be provided ONE TIME – unless you make changes to your property.

  • The PFT STR License (initial and renewal) shows proof of the property being current with Penn Forest Township requirements.  If this PFT STR License is not renewed before the expiration date, then you are in violation and you MAY NOT use your property as a Short-Term Rental until such time as you have renewed your PFT STR License, and also provided this renewed PFT STR License to BCLCA.

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