January 15, 2022

Notice from BCLA board of Directors /Lake and Dam Committee:

Effective January 15,2022- until further notice- The decision has been made to post a "Catch and Release" only for ALL Largemouth Bass and Walleye in Bear Creek Lakes pending our next fish assessment which will take place in late Fall Season of 2022. Currently there's a considerable amount of concern that the overall population of these 2 specific species ( Largemouth Bass/ Walleye) have been depleted , so we need to control and at a minimum "maintain" all that possibly remains in the Lake until the new survey is completed next fall. 

  We want to thank everyone in advance for their cooperation and hope that our membership will help us in supporting and enforcing this new measure through the 2022 fishing season.

May 15, 2021

At the May 15th BOD meeting the Board approved a rule for registration of any properties in BCL offered for rent or lease.  This registration will assist the board in defining the number of rentals in BCLCA and will allow the board to draft additional guidelines for rentals.

All rental properties must be registered by June 30, 2021.  A separate Registration form is required for each property that may be offered for lease or rental.  We realize that this is a short time period, however the form will only take a brief time to complete and return.

CLICK HERE to download the form. If you are unable to print the    form and need a hard copy, please contact the office.

We appreciate the cooperation of all landlord members in this important first step in determining exactly how many properties in BCLCA are rentals.

In order to ensure compliance, the Board adopted a penalty provision: Failure to comply will result in a cumulative fine of $100.00 for each month/each property not properly registered.

Please mail, or drop off the completed form(s) to the BCLCA Office at 57 Pool Drive  Jim Thorpe, PA  18229

Email  For forms

Email for Questions:

Rental Property Registration Rule

Dec 26, 2021

Draft of New Declarations

Dear Bear Creek Lakes Members:
In 2018, the Bear Creek Lakes Board created an ad hoc Committee to rewrite the Bear Creek Lakes Homeowners Association (Association) Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (“Declaration”). The Committee, with the assistance of attorneys, has created a first draft of the revised Declaration.
The goal of a Declaration, broadly speaking, is to declare the rights and responsibilities of the Association and of the unit owners in the Community. The Bylaws are set out in a separate document and provide more procedural details for governance of the Association. The Association also has specific rules and regulations for various activities within the community. The Declaration provides the Board with the authority to promulgate those rules and regulations.
The original Declaration for Bear Creek Lakes was written and recorded in 1963. Pennsylvania and local laws have changed, including passage of the Pennsylvania Uniform Planned Community Act in 1996. The Association and members of the Bear Creek Lakes community are subject to these new laws. An updated Declaration will more clearly communicate these laws to our current members and prospective buyers. In addition, Bear Creek Lakes is much larger than it was in 1963, requiring new covenants to manage the Association effectively. Importantly, our knowledge about managing the Association’s most important asset – the lake – has improved. In summary, the current Declaration is legally and practically out of date.
A substantial portion of the draft Declaration substance comes from the existing Declaration, the Pennsylvania Uniform Planned Community Act, or other statutes and laws applicable to the Community. The Committee reviewed each of the covenants, conditions and restrictions (CCRs) from the original Declaration and these other sources and added and/or clarified CCRs that are relevant to Bear Creek Lakes.
The next steps are planned to be:
1) Schedule two or more town hall meetings for public comment.
2) Revise draft if needed based on the town hall meetings.
3) Distribute updated draft of declaration.
4) Establish voting methods to include mail and/or in person voting. A 2/3 majority of all eligible votes are required, but there is no time limit.
5) If approved, record the Declaration in the Carbon County courthouse. Upon recording, the Declaration will become applicable to all deeds, current and future.
For a PDF copy CLICK HERE. The file will also be available in the members only section of our website.